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Car Rack Spares & Accs

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Thule 5048 Car Rack Thu Clamp Fit Kit - Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/th5048.jpg

5001 Evo Clamp Fitting Kit, Please check the thule online buyers' guide to ascertain which fitting kit you require for any given vehicle, bar and footpack combination

Thule 7105 Evo Clamp Foot Pack For Cars with Normal Roods - Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/th710500.jpg

Easy-to-install set of four feet for Thule Evo roof racks, intended for vehicles without pre-existing roof rack attachment points Fits Thule Wing, Wing Evo, Slide and Square bars.

4 Thule 7104 Evo Raised Rail Foot Pack For Cars With Roof Rails - 4Pk http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/MAD/th710400.jpg 7104 Evo Raised Rail Foot Pack For Cars With Roof Rails, Pack Of 4
Hiplok Z-Lok Combo Armoured Reuseable Tie - 40cm - Blue http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/z-lok-combo-teal-product-image.jpg

The first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. 

Hiplok Z-Lok Combo Armoured Reuseable Tie Single - 40cm - Yellow http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/z-lok-combo-yellow-product-image.jpg

The first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. 

Saris Protect-O-Pads - Silver - one size http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/2060.jpg



Saris Bones Thumb Screw 6-Pack - Black - one size http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/19881.jpg

Replacement knobs for a Bones 2 and Bones 3 rack. Can be used for worn, broken or missing knobs.

Saris Bike Beam - Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/beam11.jpg

By creating a virtual top tube for specialty frames, the Bike Beam lets you bring any bike along for the ride.

Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reuseable Tie - single - Cyan - 40cm http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/zlk1cykey.jpg

The first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. 

Hiplok Z-Lok Combo Armoured Reuseable Tie - single - Black - 40cm http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/z-lok-combo-black-product-image.jpg

The first secured reusable zip style tie provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. 

Pro Camera Mount - Saddle Rail http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/69638_3.jpg

High-quality CNC saddle rail mounted camera mount.

K-Edge Go Big Pro Handlebar Mount http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full55166_3.jpg No Description Available
SP Storage Case Small for GoPro Cameras and Accessories http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full76228.jpg No Description Available
Pro Camera Mount Handlebar http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full91308.jpg

High-quality CNC camera mount for 31.8mm.

SP POV Storage Case for GoPro Cameras and Accessories http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full63981-188205.jpg No Description Available
K-Edge Go Big Pro Saddle Rail Mount http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full55167_3.jpg No Description Available
Shimano CM-JK01 Silicon Jack for CM-1000 Shimano Sports Camera http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full77176.jpg Silicon jacket for CM-1000 Shimano Sports camera gives added protection and good looks. Easy fit in a choice of black, white, blue, orange and green.
SP Aqua Bundle for GoPro Cameras http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full76189.jpg



One23 GoPro Handlebar Mount - Black - 31.8mm/25.4mm http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full88451.jpg
Lightweight alloy mount for your GoPro on your handlebars. Compatible with all Hero models. Key Features: 31.
SP Tripod Screw Arm For Standard Cameras http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/63509.jpg

Simply attach standard cameras or camcorders with the TRIPOD SCREW ADAPTER!

GoPole Reach - Extendable Pole for GoPro Cameras http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/gpr-9_9a.jpg

Extend the capabilities of your GoPro® by getting closer to the action and capturing unique angles. Capture selfies with ease or flip the camera around on the pivoting head to shoot your subject with stability and precision.

GoPole Bobber - Floating Hand Grip for GoPro cameras http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/gpb-11_4_92ede0fb-65b5-48d7-ad52-4028a73e4a0e.jpg

The Bobber® is the first of its kind floating GoPro® accessory. Designed to save your camera if dropped in the water, it doubles as a hand grip and a floatation device.

SP Powerbar Duo for GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+ Batteries http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/63511.jpg

Never run out of power again with the Powerbar Duo.

GoPole Lenspen - Compact GoPro Lens Cleaner http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/gplp-18_3.jpg

Clean your GoPro® lens safely, easily and quickly with Lenspen®. The invisible cleaning compound removes fingerprints, dust and blemishes. 

K-Edge Go Big Pro On-center Handlebar Mount - Black - 35 mm http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full110761_2.jpg No Description Available
SP Action Bundle for GoPro Cameras http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full76188.jpg

The SP Action Bundle takes two of the most popular SP products and throws them into one great value bundle

GoPole Evo - Transparent Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/gpe-10_10.jpg

Transparent, telescoping & floating! Evo is an extension pole and floatation device made for GoPro® cameras. When capturing selfies, the transparent design of Evo makes it seemingly invisible.

ETC Frame Securing Arms http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full88905.jpg

ETC frame security arm for supporting bike during transportation

Peruzzo Grab Arm Bike Holder - Silver http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full3050.jpg



Thule 595 Luggage Net - 80 x 80 cm http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full36332.jpg No Description Available
Thule 545-2 Wheel Carrier http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full36433.jpg No Description Available
Hollywood Fork Block Fits 9mm Skewer http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full94095.jpg No Description Available
Thule Wheel Strap Adaptors For Cycle Carriers http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full45134.jpg No Description Available
Thule 503 Load Stops http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full36436.jpg No Description Available
Elite Extra Bike Adaptor For Dolomiti Rack - Black/Silver http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full99783.jpg No Description Available
Thule 982 Ladies Bike Adapter http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full36420.jpg Features:Allows fitment to bikes with non-standard frames, as well as lady bikes and BMXs. Facilitates fitting of the bike to the bike carrier.
Elite Dolomiti 7 Pin Adaptor - Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full108907.jpg No Description Available
Hollywood Hub Parts for Baja Rack - For 1x Hub http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full94104.jpg No Description Available
Guee G-Mount Under Bracket Set for Sports Cam http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full87525.jpg

This under bracket lets you connect your Sports Camera onto the G-Mount.

Thule 891 Slide Bar 127cm Roof Bars http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full45130.jpg No Description Available
Hollywood Bike Adapter Pro - Boomer Bar http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full94089.jpg The Bike Adaptor Pro is an artificial top tube that allows ladies bikes and bikes with non-traditional frames to be used with most hitch racks.
Thule 5951 Luggage Net - 130 x 90 cm http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//Images/full36333.jpg No Description Available
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