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Shock Pumps

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Giant Control Mini Shock 1 Pump - Silver http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/control-mini-shock-1_02.jpg

Analogue design with 400psi maximum pressure. The two stage valve technology ensures you don't lose air when disconnecting and an extended hose makes it easier to access tight valve locations.

Birzman Salut Shock Pump - Silver http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/bm17-salut.jpg
Equipped with Birzman's patented Air-Lock valve head, designed to prevent air loss when disconnecting from the valve.
SKS Sam Suspension Pump - 315psi http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/skpsam.jpg

SKS S.A.M. (Suspension Air Mechanic) suspension pump is ideal for any rider, with its mini pump design. The swivelling hose connection is reinforced with a flexible steel mesh, which necessary given the maximum pressure in excess of 315PSI.

Truflo Digital LCD Display Shock Fork Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full64430.jpg



Syncros SP2.0 Shock Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/2348180001_103427_tif_zoom_15.jpg

Syncros' shock pump is precision crafted to facilitate easy and accurate suspension adjustments. 

Truflo Single Shot Air Fork - Shock Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full64432.jpg



Birzman Zacoo Macht Mini Shock Pump - 300psi http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full86728.jpg



Beto SP002AG Shock Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/full118356.jpg



SKS MSP Suspension Pump - 290psi http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/10503-msp-detail-02.png

MSP (Mountain Suspension Pump) is a must in every bike backpack. 

Cube Shock Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/40412_0.jpg



Giant Control Mini Shock 0 Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/control-mini-shock-0_01.jpg

Precision tweaking for your shock pressures.

Topeak MicroShock Fork / Shock Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/product-pumps-shock-pumps-microshock-microshock-60aba00c876f84946c0c1afe76690f1a.jpg

The lightest, most compact suspension pump in the World. Optimized length and tube diameter handles high pressures and pumps to 300 psi with ease. Slim profile and compact size fits easily in a jersey pocket or pack.

Syncros SP1.0 Digital Shock Pump - 300psi http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/2386120001a_94975_tif_zoom_1.jpg

Syncros' shock pump is precision crafted to facilitate easy and accurate suspension adjustments.

Zefal Z Shock Pump - 25 Bar | 360psi http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/z-shock.jpg

The Z Shock pump can easily reach optimal pressures for your fork or rear shock. It combines performance, ease-of-use and comfort.

XLC 2-Function Shock/Tyre Pump http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/2501923400.jpg

Pump it ... The XLC mini pump is not only easy to store on your bike, but also provides with its 2-way pump system for a pressure up to 7 bar. 

Buzzys Pollinator Suspension 300psi Pump - Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/ison/2pubz-pollinator.jpg

Keep your suspension fork or shock performing flawlessly with Buzzy’s high-pressure Pollinator pumps.

XLC Highair Pro Shock Pump - Silver/Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/3a47a9f8-5890-4124-b4f2-86917dd14c36(1).jpg



Cube RFR Shock Pump - Black/Glossy Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/40420_0.jpg

Set your fork and shock up just for you. 

Cube Acid Race 300 Shock Pump - Black http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/93032_0.jpg

This shock pump includes a two-stage head for Schrader valves to stop air escaping on removal. 

Cube Acid Race 400 Shock Pump - Grey http://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk//images/93033_0.jpg

This high-end shock pump includes a two-stage head for Schrader valves to stop air escaping on removal. 

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