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2022 Orbea Orca AERO - FIRST LOOK

Words by Cycle Solutions

on 30/09/2021 15:47:00


The 2022 Orca aero represents a massive step forward for Orbea’s premium race bike. Vastly improved aerodynamics, ergonomics, stiffness to weight and handling give you one of the fastest and most efficient bikes on the market. How have they achieved this?


1. Aerodynamics

The new orca aero is now the most aerodynamic bike Orbea have ever made. Wind tunnel testing and computer simulations have been key in developing the new frame, which weighs in at just 1150g, and measures a 15w improvement at 40kph and a massive 28w at 50kph.

· Horizontal top tube and chainstays improve airflow.

· Down tube and seat tube profile has been aerodynamically optimised for 25-28mm tires.

· Single profile transitions between head tube and downtube and the seat tube and seat stays reduce turbulence in these areas.

· Drag around the rear wheel has been reduced by aligning the upper seat tube junction with the airflow.

· New aerodynamically designed fork is optimised for high profile wheels.

· Our new aero handlebar, stem and seatpost reduce drag by 2%

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2. Stiffness to weight

Focusing on torsional and lateral loads though the lower spine of the frame has helped define a new “dynamic structure” which is crucial for optimising stiffness to weight ratio. Resisting flex through the bottom of the frame translates into more watts going to the back wheel, giving instantaneous power transfer


3. Handling

Geometry has been reworked, aero dynamics alone don’t make for a fast bike. Complete control of the bike through precise and intuitive handling. Angles and dimensions are examined over a range of sizes to put more power to the road with every pedal stroke..

· Shorter wheelbase is more responsive

· Shorter chainstays for better acceleration

· Size-specific fork offset gives improved control no matter what frame size

· Lower stack and bigger bb drop give better aerodynamics and stability

· Racing ergonomics = more watts!


4. Ergonomics

The last piece of the perfect balance puzzle is ergonomics. The more comfortable you are on the bike, the more you can deliver. A new cockpit has been designed with this in mind. Full integration looks neat, but the gains from superior ergonomics are the higher priority.


“It's hard to beat the sensation of power that comes from a great aero bike. What rider is ambivalent about a machine that is designed to give back free watts? Is there a competitor who doesn't grasp every last advantage in the battle for speed? Orca Aero delivers these prizes – along with the willingness to to go all-out, all day, without hesitation. Long live the bike that balances the emotional and rational desires inside each of us – Long live Orca Aero.”


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