Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

It's simple! If your employer uses Cycle Solutions, you will be able to make huge savings on the cost of new bicycles and cycling equipment.

Employees will typically save between 31% and 48% of the retail cost of bikes and accessories.

See our savings calculator to work out how much you could save!

Huge Savings

Huge Savings

See an example of what you could save on the cycle to work scheme.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Raising your heart rate through exercise just 5 times per week means you are 50% less likely to suffer from a stroke, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

Save The Planet

Save the Planet

Cycling to work could reduce your carbon footprint by around 1.8 tonnes per year and help reduce global warming.

Comprehensive Warranty

Comprehensive Warrranty

At Cycle Solutions we are able to provide the security of an 18-month warranty.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

CyTech NVQ qualified technicans, and a 24-hour customer support line. We can also provide home delivery!

Massive Bike Choice

Massive Bike Choice

Choose from over 140 bike brands - the UK's widest selection.

Visit our Cycle Solutions application - RideMapper!


Your saving calculation

Total cost of bikes
and accessories:
Salary sacrifice: (from your Gross Pay)
Actual monthly cost: (from your pocket in each pay period)
Total cost: (over payment term)
You save:

This value is an estimate based on the information you have provided. The value is subject to change depending on the individual parameters on your Employers scheme. For a more accurate value please ask your employer for their scheme code.

The maximum value of £1,000.00 can only be exceeded if your organisation has its own consumer credit license in place, or if they have negotiated discounts with Cycle Solutions.



Start of Quote SpeechmarkWe are delighted with this scheme, quick and simple to implement with cost savings for both the employee and employer.

Wheelies Direct Cycle Solutions Ltd have proven friendly and efficent and have delivered an excellent service throughout the whole process. They have a good knowledge of cycling and their advice has been valuable.  End of Quote Speechmark

Brighton & Hove Buses

Start of Quote SpeechmarkMy personal experience with Cycle solutions is that they knew their products. They were prepared to answer questions on a wide range of issues relating to the Cycle to work scheme and happy to accommodate requests on products etc.

The back room administration went smoothly and after request for the bike of my choice was submitted the process progressed without any hiccoughs.

Overall I was impressed with their knowledge of products, their openness and efficiency in dealing with my requests.

The on-going regular up date with products and accessories is helpful and keeps contact after the original purchase which is reassuring and good after care.  End of Quote Speechmark

Consultant in Occupational Health

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