Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Road Wheels

Classic. And never skips a beat.

The Neutron(TM) Ultra(TM) are now a well-established symbol of success for Campagnolo(R) wheels.

Sought after by professionals and amateur cyclists alike, its characteristics are inimitable. Super lightweight on inclines and extremely reliable; they can be responsive when called upon, or comfortable against the hard pavement, even after hours on the seat.

The Neutron(TM) Ultra(TM) encompasses everything a cyclist requires.

Feature and benefits

The exclusive geometry of the polygonal rim

Allows for an elastic rim, which is both comfortable and extremely responsive at the same time.

rear rim with an asymmetrical drilling

Allows for a perfect alignment of the nipples and hub for better spoke tension, leaving no weak points.

milled, low profile rim

Reduces the peripheral weight of the rim, and makes the wheel responsive and fast, especially in up-hill rides.

straight head Steel spokes in variable sections

Maximum wheel torsional stiffness. Spoke tension is maintained and guaranteed performance with the best aerodynamics. Stability even at high speeds.

Carbon fibre Hub Body

High degree of lateral stiffness - reduces the weight to the minimum.

cup and cone bearing

ball/bearing adjustment, reduces possible ball/bearing play, precision operation, maintains performance over time.

Oversized Flange

Increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change of pace of the cyclist.

Aluminium Axle

Reduces the weight of the wheel.

Quick Release

Steel spine and eccentric, lever with drill lightening and aluminium die. Eccentric-closure system allows cyclist to modulate the pressure necessary for heightened sensitivity to find the proper closure for the block. Easy to use, with a material resistant to wear and tear, rust, and pressure.


  • front wheel: 630 g
  • rear wheel: 840 g
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    Neutron Ultra Road Wheels

    Neutron Ultra Road Wheels
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