MRP XCG Single Chain Device


MRP launches patented XCG Series of impact guards for cross-country bikes

Building on their integrated guard patent*, MRP will begin shipping a new, innovative series of components designed to protect chainrings and cranks from damage due to the occasional rock or log encounter. The XCG guards consist of a replaceable polycarbonate Skid direct-mounted to a 4mm thick alloy back plate.
Lots of cross country riders don’t want to give up their big ring in exchange for a crank-mounted bash guard, nor do they want to add a large, heavy bash ring on top of an outer chainring. With an XCG, you can keep the big chainring on and not worry about damaging it on obstacles. The XCG is light weight, and costs a lot less than replacing a high quality 44T ring, so it’s a great accessory for the fast and technically aggressive XC rider or for any rider looking to protect their investment.

The XCG Single install easily on any XC frame and add no rotational weight to the drivetrain. OEM deliveries of the XCG Series begin in April, with aftermarket introduction soon following.

XCG Single
· Protects chain rings up to 36T
· Great for single-speed setups
· Bottom-bracket mount or ISCG
· Weight: 100g

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37967-91863 Gold BB Fitting 36T Gold BB Fitting 36T £35.00 £35.00
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37967-91864 Gold ISCG 36T Gold ISCG 36T £35.00 £35.00
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37967-91865 Black BB Fitting 36T Black BB Fitting 36T £59.99 £59.99
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37967-91866 Black ISCG 36T Black ISCG 36T £59.99 £59.99
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