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Latest News & Updates at Cycle Solutions

2022 Orbea Orca AERO - FIRST LOOK

Cycle Solutions | 30/09/2021 15:47:00

The 2022 Orca aero represents a massive step forward for Orbea’s premium race bike. Vastly improved aerodynamics, ergonomics, stiffness to weight and handling give you one of the fastest and most efficient bikes on the market. How have they achieved this? 1. Aerodynamics The new orca aero is now the most aerodynamic bike.... More

10 cycling gifts for Father’s Day you actually want!

Cycle Solutions | 18/06/2021 12:49:35

Give yourself a pat on the back this Father’s Day with some top-quality cycling accessories! Whilst an extra pair of socks can come in handy, we’re sure there are a few things on this list that will make your next ride even sweeter. Shimano Tokyo Sunglasses With a.... More

Feeling the heat? Check out our summer cycling accessory picks

Cycle Solutions | 09/06/2021 15:08:28

With sunnier, longer days, comes plenty of time to get out on the saddle. Although, whilst saying goodbye to icy roads and chilly climbs is a definite bonus, riding in the heat comes with its own set of challenges. To keep your performance up and dehydration down, take a look at our top picks for beating the heat when out.... More

Essential Pre-Ride Checks

Cycle Solutions | 13/04/2021 15:44:04

Before going out for a ride, especially if you haven’t ridden your bike in a while, it’s important to give your bike a once over. Safety is a priority so it’s good to make sure everything is working well and fit for purpose. So, what should you check and when? A good place to make sure you cover.... More

Sportives to try this Year

Cycle Solutions | 07/04/2021 11:31:13

Even if the sportive you’ve been training for has been cancelled (fingers crossed it hasn’t been), you can still get out and do the route. Many sportive routes will be rideable throughout the year, and although some won’t be suitable to ride outside of the event, there are great places to ride to prepare for completing the event in future..... More

All-New Specialized Como SL and Vado SL ST

Cycle Solutions | 31/03/2021 17:00:43

Como SL The Como Super Light is a low-maintenance joy machine, equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun. Carry it down stairs, zip across town, pack it full of groceries, it’s ready to take flight. It also just so happens to double your power when you pedal—with super-smooth assistance that makes you feel like the superhero you are..... More

The All-New Specialized Turbo Levo

Cycle Solutions | 24/03/2021 12:09:00

Representing the culmination of our forty years spent building state of the art bikes, Levo offers an unequalled combination of ride quality, power, and range. It is the distillation, application and amplification of everything Specialized know about mountain biking; a potent blend of chassis, suspension, geometry and motor assist that adds up to an incredible trail.... More

Where to Ride as Restrictions Lift

Cycle Solutions | 24/03/2021 10:47:34

Heading off to ride somewhere new is something many of us look forward to every year. With things the way they are, we thought we’d take a look and see what’s available in the UK for those of us planning to get away with our bikes once restrictions lift. Whilst the weather isn’t always on our side, the UK.... More

Getting ready for a cycling staycation

Cycle Solutions | 18/03/2021 11:00:18

For those of us not heading abroad this year, staying closer to home and exploring what the UK has to offer is a great option. We have so many beautiful spots and some great riding. The weather may not always be the best, but sometimes the best memories are made when things don’t always go to plan. So what.... More

Myth busting: Breaking down Misconceptions about Electric Bikes

Cycle Solutions | 26/02/2021 13:09:21

Electric bikes have been dividing opinion for some time now. It’s easy to see why, but there really is little reason for people to dislike them. They are just bikes, albeit with added assistance. If you’ve never ridden an e-bike it can be easy to dislike them but if you have, you’re likely converted to the many benefits. For.... More

Top tips for keeping your extremities toasty

Cycle Solutions | 12/02/2021 09:41:29

There’s nothing worse than having cold hands and feet. It can ruin a ride, especially if you can’t get them to warm up again. In fact, it can even be painful which really makes things miserable. So what can you do? We’ve put together a short list of things that can help you keep your fingers and toes.... More

Bike Cleaning Guide

Cycle Solutions | 19/01/2021 12:35:00

Cleaning a bike is cleaning a bike, right? It’s not a difficult thing to do (unless you count the motivation part) but it is important. There are a number of reasons cleaning your bike should be a priority, especially in winter. Getting into a good routine can mean parts last longer and you’re less likely to.... More

Five Reasons to Choose Cycling in the New Year

Cycle Solutions | 18/12/2020 12:25:00

Not to jump on the new year, new me bandwagon, but it really is a great time to start. We understand how difficult it can be to change up your routine and get into better, healthier habits (we are definitely guilty of taking the easy option). We also understand how great cycling is, how diverse it is, and how it.... More

Foolproof your Winter Rides: A Guide to Winter Kit

Cycle Solutions | 14/12/2020 11:33:11

There are a few no-brainers when it comes to winter kit, but there are a few things that can take your riding to the next level and make it a more pleasant experience. We’ve put together a list of things that may not cross your mind when it comes to buying winter kit as well as the things you’d expect..... More

Christmas Gift Guides to Suit All Budgets

Cycle Solutions | 26/11/2020 16:20:54

It’s certainly been a year for the history books, good and bad we’ve all weathered the storm that has been 2020. Now is a time for family, friends and letting people know you appreciate them. You can do this without giving them gifts, but who doesn’t like getting a present every now and then? We’ve.... More
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