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With a few options when it comes to bicycle pumps we have a good stock of mini pumps, track pumps, shock pumps and frame pumps. Most pumps will fit presta and schrader valves. We have some great brands like Lezyne, Cube, XLC and more.

Presta: Presta valves are just for bikes. You unscrew the valve stem via a small nut to inflate, screwing it tight again once you reach the desired pressure.

Schrader: You will typically find schrader valves on cars. The valve has a pin that can be pressed to let air out.

Tubeless: If you have a tubeless setup, you won’t have an inner tube. You still need to inflate the tyre to maintain the right pressure.

Shock Pump: Shock pumps are a high pressure pump used for suspension. You can use them to adjust pressure in your forks or rear shock.

Track Pump: Track pumps are freestanding floor pumps. Usually compatible with a range of different valves they allow to to inflate your tyres quickly and easily.

Frame Pump: A frame pump is a small pump that attaches to your bike.

Mini Pump: Mini pumps are great for taking out and storing in your jersey or bag.

Mini Pumps Track Pumps Shock Pumps Frame Pumps

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