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Electric Bikes

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Electric Bikes

In short, electric bikes (or e-bikes) are designed to assist you as you ride. Available as mountain, road, urban and even scooters, they have a range of uses, so no matter the kind of riding you do, you can find an e-bike that suits your needs.

We stock some incredible brands including Haibike, Tern, Specialized and more. Whether you’re looking for a bike for leisure, recreation, commuting or a mix we can help you find the right bike. We have great men’s mountain e-bikes, road e-bikes, and urban e-bikes, as well as women’s road e-bikes, mountain e-bikes and urban electric bikes in stock.

The common misconception is that an e-bike will do all the work for you, when in fact they are designed to assist. Yes, it does make things easier, but you will still be getting a workout whilst riding. Rechargeable via a removable or contained battery, e-bikes usually offer up a range of modes that will determine how long the battery lasts. There have been many advancements in technology in the past few years with batteries getting smaller and lasting longer.

In the UK there is a limit to the speed that a bike can assist you, so once you hit 15.5MPH the bike will stop assisting (you can go faster it just means the power will purely be from you). Anything exceeding 15.5MPH is classified as a moped or motorcycle under EAPC rules. It’s also worth noting that you have to be 14 or over to legally ride one in the UK.

There are a number of reasons to get an e-bike, to help get back into riding after time away or injury, to get to and from work, to help you keep up with people you ride with, to help you ride longer, or just because. If you’re looking for an e-bike we can help, get in touch with us via phone, email or live chat and we can help you find your new bike today.

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