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Mountain E-Bikes

All the thrill of a regular mountain bike but with an added boost, to extend your riding time dramatically. So advanced is the technology today that, most electric mountain bikes are only a few kilos heavier than a regular mountain bike. There are several power unit manufacturers on the market, and your favourite brands utilize them to magnificent effect. Pick a light weight, lower capacity eBike for a playful more agile and authentic mountain bike experience, or pick a larger, full powered option for longer epic rides. A mountain e-bike works in the same way any other e-bike does, it gives you a power assist as you pedal, stopping once you reach 15.5MPH (25.5Kph). You’ll still be able to move, go faster and pedal, this just means that once you reach a certain speed the motor will stop assisting you in line with EU regulations on e-bikes, any faster and it enters another category and would be classified as a moped or motorcycle.

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