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Shimano Steps

Shimano steps is Shimano’s own e-bike system. STEPS stands for Shimano total electric power system. The system will come on bikes built to be compatible with STEPS. It’s a system currently used on a large majority of electric bikes available on the market.

The range you will get out of the battery will depend entirely on the system, bike and battery size. STEPS currently has either a 418 Wh or 50 Wh battery. With systems suited to city, mountain biking and trekking, a lot of bike brands have designed their bikes to work with the STEPS technology. For mountain bikers there’s the STEPS E8000, E7000 or EP8. For city and trekking Shimano offer the E6100, E5000 or E6000. There are different power-assist options depending on the system and its use. Shop here for the latest bikes with Shimano STEPS.

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