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Fat Bikes

Fat bikes, aptly named because of the fat tyres they come equipped with. Originally designed for riding on snow, fat bikes can take on sand, mud, gravel and a whole host of other terrains that average mountain bikes may struggle with.

Nowadays fat bikes are ridden everywhere, not the most common choice, but something that offers a whole load of grip (something that wouldn’t be so great if you’re planning to ride on roads or pavements). With bikes from Surly and Kona on offer, we have some great options to choose from.

Equipped with fat tyres between 4-5 inches and wide rims, they perform very well on snow or sand and wouldn’t be out of place off-road touring and exploring. With high volume tyres, and the ability to run them at low pressures (in comparison to normal MTB tyres) a fat bike soaks up more of the bumps on the terrain.

A fun and versatile bike, they are best suited to riding off-road and on some burly terrain. If you fancy a fat bike but have some questions, let us know. You can reach us on live chat, email or give us a call.


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