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Pannier Racks

Pannier racks are great for carrying things on your bike. Not all bikes are compatible with pannier racks so check if your bike has the correct mounts before you purchase. Usually made from either aluminium, steel, chromoly or titanium they range from between £10 and £100 (with titanium usually being the most expensive).

They are a great option for those wanting to carry more, not having to wear a backpack and good for touring, commuting or shopping. They are most often fitted to the rear of your bike, but there are front panniers too. Depending on your needs, consider your options, if you’re going on a tour and need to carry a lot, having front and back may be a good idea to distribute the weight more evenly. If you’re shopping or commuting, having one on the rear should be fine. Always check the weight a rack can handle before buying to make sure it can handle what you need to transport.

Find all of our pannier racks below. If you have any questions and aren’t sure which pannier rack you need, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

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