Pashley Clubman Urban S-RC3 2017 Hybrid Bike

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 The Clubman is the epitome of the club cycling tradition firmly rooted in British sporting culture. In the heyday of this noble pastime, one bicycle would be used for many purposes, anything from short distance city rides to the thrill of time trials and the challenges of touring across the country or even the world. Here at Pashley we have strived to distill the very best of this tradition into a reliable and beautiful modern bicycle. Indeed, the use of legendary Reynolds 531 steel with investment cast lugs was the choice of the informed cyclist of this era, offering a perfect balance between weight and performance through an elegantly refined aesthetic.

The Clubman Urban is the simplified version of the Clubman designed specifically for reliable and agile city cycling. The Major Taylor drop handlebars give an aggressive yet comfortable riding position, and the luxury of the elegant Brooks Swift leather saddle creates an understated sense of beauty and pace. 

There are three Sturmey Archer gearing options: the S3X 3 speed fixed hub, giving the control of a fixed gear with the flexibility of three gear ratios; the S2C 2 speed coaster hub, affording you the ability to brake or change gear with no more than a quick back pedal; and a balance between the two with the S-RC3 3 speed hub option (shown) featuring the rear coaster brake and dual-pivot front caliper brake. All this comes together to produce a bicycle with real versatility and simplicity, perfect for speedy rides across town.

Key Features : 

  • Brass ‘ping’ Bell: A classic bell that is a refined addition to any bicycle. The bell has a domed shape body with a simple sprung finger mechanism that sounds out a clear ‘ting’ to let others know you’re approaching.  The bell can be attached to either the handlebars or the stem.

  • Major Taylor handlebars: Shallow drop racing bars for active, aerodynamic riding. Finished with traditional leather bar tape.

  • 3 speed gear with coaster brake: The flexibilty of three different gears ratios controlled via a easy-action handlebar-end gear lever. The coaster braking is actioned by a gentle ‘kick-back’ of the pedals to apply the rear brake. Front braking gived by a dual pivot aluminium front caliper brake.

  • Quick-release front wheel: Expertly machined aluminium large flange front hub with sealed cartridge bearings. Quick release allows easy removal of the front wheel for transportation or in the unlikely event of a puncture

  • Double-wall alloy rims with double-butted stainless spokes: Stiffer than standard single-walls, double-wall  rims provide added strength without increased weight. Rims also feature a heavy-duty box-section rim profile and double-butted stainless-steel spokes which help relieve impact stress from the rim and build a lighter, more resilient wheel.

  • Skin wall tyres with extra puncture protection: A touring and urban tyre with excellent ‘all-round’ tread patterns, and an inner Kevlar guard for extra puncture protection. Skin sidewalls are more flexible than standard carbon black, which helps to reduce rolling resistance.

  • Traditional Brooks ’Swift’ leather saddle: The handsome ’Swift’ is a racing saddle with delicately hand-skived lower sides for greater comfort whilst pedalling. The leather allows the saddle to breathe and form to your shape over time becoming uniquely comfortable. Finished with large hand-beaten copper rivets, and handy loops on the rear for luggage attachment.

  • Traditionally hand-built Reynolds 531 lightweight steel frame with investment-cast, fine cut-away lugs: With classic geometry for dynamic riding. Built using 100 year old traditional methods, with original lightweight Reynolds butted 531 tubing hand-brazed into fine cut-away lugs. Finished with pointed wrap around top eyes featuring the Pashley name in relief, and matching lugged and brazed raked fork. Cast drop-outs with mudguard eyes.

  • Iconic GB crankset: light alloy crankset with classic sqaure fluted crank.

Frame Reynolds 531 butted steel tubes with investment cast cut away lugs
Forks Reynolds taper gauge oval blades; investment-cast crown; classic small radius bend; cast dropouts with mudguard eyes
Handlebars Major Taylor Type
Shifters 3 Speed Bar end shift lever
Front Brake dual pivot front caliper
Rims 36 hole double wall rims
Front Hub Sturney Archer XFD front drum brake hub
Rear Hub Sturney Archer three speed fixed gear hub
Tyres 700x32c Panaracer Pasela Gumwall tyres with Kevlar guard for extra puncture protection. Front
700x32c Panaracer Pasela Gumwall tyres with Kevlar guard for extra puncture protection. Rear
Pedals MKS Sylvan Stream.
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Clubman Urban S-RC3 2017 Hybrid Bike

Clubman Urban S-RC3 2017 Hybrid Bike
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